DAW Audio Output (ASIO) into OBS Studio for Live Streaming

Live streaming DAW music production using a OBS Studio but keep using a ASIO output driver of your audio interface?

You don’t need to mess around with MME or WDM as a output device.

  1. Install ReaPlugs VST FX Suite and make sure your DAW & OBS studio recognize it (Tip : Symbolic link of folder works!).
  2. Add “reastream-standalone” plug-in to DAW master audio out and set “Send audio/MIDI; IP = * local broadcast”
  3. Now open OBS audio setting and add Mic/Auxiliary Audio (Choose a device you’re not using!).
  4. Add “reastream-standalone” VST plug-in filter to that device. You don’t need change settings this time.
  5. Now you should see the audio level meter is moving when DAW playing something (you can set monitoring on OBS if you need).

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