Touch MIDI v2 and Volca Nubass

Touch surface cc control web page for Volca Nubass base on “Touch MIDI v2”. You can try it here(link).

“Touch MIDI v2” is a MIDI control surface for touch based devices using HTML5. Support Chrome, Edge and Opera browser and you can easily customize for other synth.

For more information please check-out below links.

Microfreak + Nubass + Sample = ?!

One take recording with MicroFreak, Volca Nubass and Sample (Break at 00:42 was added in post).

Microfreak playing sequencer (I’m not good at keyboard play) and I set the Microfreak’s envelope rise and fall to very long, slowest rate sync and Run mode so it’s gradually effecting cutoff. And adding some Spice & Dice gives wide range of different sounds.

Mastered in REAPER (reverb, compressor and some EQ, normalized to -14 LUFS).