More Arduino project

These are my ongoing arduino project.

PO2 monitoring device with HUD

Working on 3 cell po2 monitor with HUD.
I use modified smither code for HUD with tri color LED.
Depth and temperature sensor seems working fine but still need watertight case for real dive test.

Compressor auto drain

Control solenoid is very easy with Arduino.
More hard part was getting high pressure solenoid valve.
After long wait, I got 1500 PSI & 3900 PSI valve which I’ll install to water separator and filter housing (I have a Bauer Junior 2).

The water separator’s thread is 1/4 BSPP but P0 (triplex) filter housing need special adapter like this.

to be continued.

2 liter Steel Cylinder

Just add 2l steel set on my micro.
They’re light on land, heavy when underwater makes perfect for drysuit dives and looks awesome too. I will probably use it more then 3l set for a short dive.

Cylinder Pressure (psi) Height*
Weight Empty (pounds) Buoyancy Full : Empty (pounds)
FX-15 (Faber 2L) 3442 14.17 3.94 6.6 -2.42  :  -1.21
FX-23 (Faber 3L) 3442 19.50 3.94 8.6 -2.64  :  -0.66