Yellow Pygmy Goby

Pair of yellow pygmy-goby
Pair of yellow pygmy-goby (Lubricogobius exiguus).
Canon 7D, 100mm, f/18, 1/250sec, iso 160

Yellow Pygmy Goby (Lubricogobius exiguus) is a small bright yellow color goby.  Normally under 3cm (approx 1.5cm in this photo) long, living in holes, bottle or can. Usually found in pairs.

Pair of yellow pygmy-goby
Cute Yellow Goby Yawning.
Canon 7D, 100mm, f/32, 1/250sec, iso 160

Images taken at dive site around coastal area of Dauin in Negros Oriental, Philippines.

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Dauin Photo Workshop

I just got back from conducting a underwater photography workshop in Dauin, Philippines.

And images here are the brief list “What I saw” during the 5 days workshop.

Actually, we saw a lot more critters other then in these images. Me and two more leaders didn’t dive with camera all the time and I feel it’s works out well. Dive “one on one” with each participant to help with strobe positioning, camera settings and composition underwater.

fully loaded
fully loaded

I would like to thanks to all 12 participants of our photo workshop and I hope everyone was able to learn something. And Hope to see you again soon!
Special thanks to “Dive Society Dumaguete” for excellent dive operation during the workshop.

Last day of workshop. Watching everyone’s images through projector at pool side.

You can find some images by participants at here :

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Skeleton Shrimps – Caprellidae : Part 2

Super macro footage of Skeleton shrimps – Caprellidae sp.

Super macro footage of Skeleton shrimps – Caprellidae sp.
They are extremely thin (1~3mm) and 1~3 cm in length.
Shot with Canon 7D, 100mm, 1.4x & 2x teleconveter in Nauticam, SubSee +5/10 wet diopters, Sola 1200 and Aquako Cylux lights.
Dive site around Dauin, Negros Oriental, Philippines.

Quote from Wikipedia.
Caprellidae is a family of amphipods commonly known as skeleton shrimps. Their common name denotes the threadlike slender body which allows them to virtually disappear among the fine filaments of seaweed, hydroids and bryozoans. They are sometimes also known as ghost shrimps. Caprellidae contains 88 genera in three subfamilies.

First post on :  Jan 23, 2013 @ 21:08
Re-post : 07th Sep 2013 / Video edit & re-upload
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