Honeycomb Moray free swimming and hunting

Honeycomb moray (Gymnothorax favagineus) free swimming, cleaning and hunting (Titan triggerfish intro), Southern Atolls – Maldives.

Honeycomb moray (Gymnothorax favagineus) free swimming, cleaning, hunting (eating triggerfish’s egg mass after hatching).

Filmed at Southern Atolls, Maldives.

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  1. Hi EunJae I’ve just caught up with your current videos – superb, thank you. I was in the Maldives (North) at the same time as you in April. We never saw the diversity and numbers you did so I will go back South next time. I’m back diving after a 5 year break and taking video with an RX100 in a Nauticam housing so your videos are of great interest. Looking forward to your next film. Best Andy Payne UK

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