Anilao, Philippines – Aug 2012

3 min DSLR underwater macro video compilation of short trip to Anilao, Philippines. 02~05th Aug 2012.
Filmed with Canon 5D Mark III & SmallHD DP4 in Nauticam housing, 100mm lens, SubSee +5/10, SOLA lights, XIT404 tripod.

8월 2~5일간 아닐라오, 필리핀에서 촬영한 것들을 3분으로 짧게 편집했습니다.
사용한 장비: 캐논 5D Mark III, SmallHD DP4 모니터, 노티캠 하우징, 100mm 렌즈와 1.4 텔레컨버터, 서브씨 +5/+10, 솔라 라이트와 XIT404 트라이포드

Crab and Lobster – Small Sea Creatures Part 1

Beautiful decorator crab on sea urchin

Small and tiny crabs and lobsters(these beautiful creatures are only few mm to cm).
I add caption (common name and size) but some of them I couldn’t find ID (If somebody can IDing, please let me know).

1:36 unknown (5mm)
2:59 unknown (2~3cm)
3:09 unknown (3~5mm)

Filmed at various dive sites in Indonesia and Philippines.
Canon 7D, 5D Mark III, 60/100mm lens.