Good Morning – Volca Modular

Volca Modular – Step sequenced and playing stochastic mode (gradually proceeds while randomly moving forward and backward).
Zoom 70CDR (reverb & delay) and Behringer usb mixer.

The ambient noise at the beginning and ending was recorded in our garden this morning (Zoom H1 recorder).

The Zoom 70CDR patch (you can load this with web editor).


Behringer TD-3 + Volca + PO35 | Industrial Techno

Hi guys, this time I tried to make short industrial acid type techno after messing around with TD-3, Volca and PO.

Behringer TD-3 CV out to Volca Modular (pitch control) and PO-35 audio into TD-3 filter-in (you can hear from 02:54) and Volca Sample playing drum pattern.

Live recorded through Behringer USB mixer (add reverb on TD-3 channel) and Zoom 70CDR add reverb, delay effects to Volca Modular.