Hypselodoris Bullocki & Friends

Hypselodoris Bullocki & Friends


A goby and imperial shrimp on nudibranch (Hypselodoris Bullocki).
Critter found by Paulus Naumang, the chief dive guide & supervisor at NAD Lembeh Resort.
Shot on Canon 5D Mark III in Nauticam housing.

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Lembeh Feb 2013

Striated frogfish

A sampling of underwater footage from a recent trip to Lembeh, Indonesia. Feb/2013.
Canon 5D Mark III, 100mm lens in Nauticam underwater housing, Inon UFL-MR130, Subsee +5/+10, SmallHD DP-4 monitor, Sola 1200 and 4000 lights, XIT404 tripod.
Special thanks to all staff at NAD Lembeh Resort – http://nad-lembeh.com

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Emperor Shrimp – The Hitchhiker

Imperial Shrimp - Periclimenes imperator

Emperor Shrimp (Periclimenes imperator) riding nudibranch(Ceratosoma trilobatum) and sea cucumber.
Filmed at Ambon and Lembeh Straits in Indonesia with Canon 7D & 5DMK3, 100mm in Nauticam housing.

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