Feeding Audio to Behringer TD-3

I tried to feed few different audio signal into the Behringer TD-3’s Filter In (Gate & Phones out from itself, white noise, Volca Modular audio).

The filter has a different response given the sound source and I guess it’s possible to nicely modulate filter frequency if I can feed control rate signal such as LFO, envelope.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Behringer TD-3 + Volca + PO35 | Industrial Techno

Hi guys, this time I tried to make short industrial acid type techno after messing around with TD-3, Volca and PO.

Behringer TD-3 CV out to Volca Modular (pitch control) and PO-35 audio into TD-3 filter-in (you can hear from 02:54) and Volca Sample playing drum pattern.

Live recorded through Behringer USB mixer (add reverb on TD-3 channel) and Zoom 70CDR add reverb, delay effects to Volca Modular.