Korg Volca 3.5mm TRS MIDI Out Mod

Volca Sample (swing tempo going out to MIDI but not audio sync)

Disclaimer: This will void the warranty (who care?)

Modding Volca is easy. You can find clear MIDI out marking on the all Volca’s PCB. You just need a 3.5mm stereo female jack and couple of wire.

Volca PCB

I decided to use 3.5mm TRS jack rather than old standard(?) 5-PIN DIN connector because:

  1. DIN socket is hard to fit in housing
  2. 5-PIN DIN cable is big and bulky
  3. 3.5mm stereo cable is everywhere
3.5mm TRS cable is way better

All Korg instruments using “Type A (MIDI 2.0 standard)” so connection should be like below (if you have a Type B gear then google is your friend).

3.5mm TRS MIDI (MIDI 2.0 standard now)
I’m not a soldering expert!

I added 3.5mm MIDI In & Out to Volca Bass too.

Volca Bass 3.5mm TRS MIDI In/Out
Quick & dirty test run (sorry, sounds awful)

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